Web Infrastructure: Datacenters, Content Delivery Networks, and Cloud Computing

This track invites papers related to the construction of the infrastructure underlying Internet services that operate at a global scale.

Topics of interest include but are not limited to the following:

  • Cloud computing infrastructure
  • Challenges and support for outsourcing computations to the cloud.
  • Highly available and reliable data center systems.
  • Transactional systems and models for data centers.
  • Distributed storage and caching, CDNs.
  • Energy efficiency in data centers.
  • Self-organizing, autonomous, and federated data center and cloud systems.
  • Managing, debugging, and diagnosing problems in data center systems.
  • Virtualization and resource management for data centers.
  • Data center networking and its interplay with data center systems.
  • Experience with deployed/operational data center and cloud systems.
  • Infrastructure for big data computations / analytics.
  • Economics of cloud computing.

For questions related to this call, please email: research-infrastructure@www2015.it

Area Chair

  • Rodrigo Rodrigues, Universidade Nova de Lisboa

Program Committee

  • Mahesh Balakrishnan
  • Paolo Costa, Microsoft Research
  • Flavio Junqueira, Microsoft Research
  • Evangelia Kalyvianaki, City University London
  • Wyatt Lloyd, USC / Facebook
  • Jacob R. Lorch, Microsoft Research
  • Derek Murray, Unaffiliated
  • Peter Pietzuch, Imperial College London
  • Pablo Rodriguez, Telefonica
  • Marco Serafini, Qatar Computing Research Institute
  • Alexander Shraer, Google
  • Yee Jiun Song, Facebook
  • Bernard Wong, University of Waterloo