BIG 2015: BigData Innovators Gathering

Many of today’s successful companies, government agencies, and research institutions are built on the collection and analysis of data. The volume and richness of these datasets have stimulated a massive wave of innovation. This revolution has also sparked important debates about privacy, ethics, and governance. The BigData Innovators Gathering (BIG) will bring together academic and industry leaders in the big data space to share the state of the art and its successful applications in business and other domains.

The first BIG was co-located with WWW 2014 in Seoul, Korea. WWW 2015 in Florence, Italy will provide the backdrop for BIG 2015, which will explore the future of big data.  In particular, BIG 2015 will focus on answering two questions:

  1. The future of big data: the technical perspective
    What’s beyond MapReduce? MapReduce ushered in the era where developers can view entire datacenters as a single computing system. Over a decade later, the framework is widely recognized to have many shortcomings. What is the distributed processing framework of tomorrow?The future of big data: the business perspective
  2. What are the analytical demands of tomorrow?
    Big data infrastructure and systems have transformed the traditional enterprise data-warehousing environment, particularly the ETL and insight-generation cycles. Organizations are moving beyond simple report generation to predictive analytics. What’s next after that? How will enterprises derive further value from their data?

We will bring together world-class researchers, experienced practitioners, and business leaders to explore these questions in an exciting two-day event. Please join us!

The WWW/BIG Cup 2015!

WWW and BIG 2015, in collaboration with Microsoft Malware Protection Center, Microsoft Azure Machine Learning and Microsoft Human Resources, proudly presents

The BIG Anti-Malware Prediction Challenge

The competition is hosted on the Kaggle platform.

The winners (from 1st to 3rd place) will be awarded a monetary prize and given the opportunity to present their solutions in front of world renowned experts and a vast audience at BIG 2015, May 18-19, in Florence, Italy.

Organizing committee

  • Junlan Feng, China Mobile (co-chair)
  • Jimmy Lin, U of Maryland (co-chair)
  • Alessandro Mei, Sapienza, U of Rome
  • Alessandro Panconesi, Sapienza,  U of Rome

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Program of the event

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