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Florence has always been one of the cities that everyone would like to visit at least once in their life. It is estimated that the 40% of the world’s most important artworks are in Italy, and 30% of them are located in Florence. Situated in the heart of Italy, surrounded by the wine-growing hills of Chianti, the city enchants visitors with its timeless charm. It is a marvellous open sky museum where magnificent Italian Renaissance masterpieces can be discovered at every corner.

Often called “the cradle of the Renaissance”, Florence owes much of her wealth to the Middle Ages. Banking became big business on the back of the city’s profitable wool trade and, in 1235, Florence minted the florin, the first gold coin to become standard currency across Europe. In their turn, these bankers commissioned some of the finest art and architecture in the city.

The names Strozzi, Rucellai and Pitti can be found all over Florence, but it was the Medici family – who led the city for over 300 years – that nurtured the greatest flowering of Renaissance art. The paintings of Botticelli, the sculptures of Michelangelo and the rusticated palaces of Michelozzo all flourished under their rule.

The mingling and the mutual interaction of ancient and modern culture, makes Florence a magical, enchanting and inspiring city. Florence is also a busy cosmpolitan centre which offers in every season of the year many traditional music and theatre festivals, historic cafes, excellent restaurants with international standards as well as pictoresque “trattorie” serving the best regional Italian cuisine.

The city’s inventiveness, initiative, and originality have always been a source of attraction for international conference tourism and can offer modern, efficient and impressive conference premises in such a suggestive and appealing urban setting. The fact that within the space of a few minutes and by taking a short and pleasant walk, people can move from their work setting to the majestic architecture of Piazza della Signoria is priceless.

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