Accepted Posters

Context-Aware Text Representation for Social Relation Aided Sentiment Analysis,
Minh Luan Nguyen.

NERank: Ranking Named Entities in Document Collections,
Chengyu Wang, Xiaofeng He, Rong Zhang and Aoying Zhou.

HLBPR:A Hybrid Local Bayesian Personal Ranking method,
Xu Chen, Pengfei Wang, Zheng Qin and Yongfeng Zhang.

Power of Human Curation in Recommendation Systems,
Yuchen Liu, Dmitry Chechik and Junghoo Cho.

Finding All Maximal Paths In Web User Sessions,
Murat Ali Bayir and Ismail Hakki Toroslu.

Persistent URIs Must Be Used To Be Persistent
Herbert Van De Sompel, Martin Klein and Shawn Jones.

Label Aggregation with Instance Grouping Model,
Li'Ang Yin, Jianhua Han and Yong Yu.

Fact Checking in Heterogeneous Information Networks,
Baoxu Shi and Tim Weninger.

Article De-duplication Using Distributed Representations,
Shumpei Okura, Yukihiro Tagami and Akira Tajima.

The Language of Deceivers: Linguistic Features of Crowdfunding Scams,
Wafa Shafqat, Seunghun Lee, Sehrish Malik and Hyun-Chul Kim.

Sampling bias in LinkedIn: a case study,
Shanshan Zhang and Slobodan Vucetic.

Combining NLP and semantics for mining software technologies from research publications,
Hélène de Ribaupierre, Francesco Osborne and Enrico Motta.

Mining Large Dense Subgraphs,
Ajitesh Srivastava, Charalampos Chelmis and Viktor Prasanna.

Stweeler: A Framework for Twitter Bot Analysis,
Zafar Gilani, Liang Wang, Jon Crowcroft, Mario Almeida and Reza Farahbakhsh.

Improving Document Ranking with Dual Word Embeddings,
Eric Nalisnick, Bhaskar Mitra, Nick Craswell and Rich Caruana.

TRecSo: Enhancing Top-k Recommendation With Social Information,
Chanyoung Park, Donghyun Kim, Jinoh Oh and Hwanjo Yu.

Analytical Framework of Relations among Nations using News Articles,
Takeru Yokoi, Masato Fukuchi, Michihiro Kobayakawa, Roliana Ibrahim and Ali Selamat.

Purchase Influence Mining: Identifying Top-k Items Attracting Purchase of Target Item,
Sungchul Kim, Jinyoung Yeo, Eunyee Koh and Nedim Lipka.

Real-time Tweet Classification in Disaster Situation,
Fujio Toriumi and Seigo Baba.

Design and Implementation: the End User Development Ecosystem for Cross-platform Mobile Applications,
Zhongyi Zhai, Bo Cheng, Zhaoning Wang, Xuan Liu, Meng Niu and Junliang Chen.

Predicting the link strength of "newborn" links,
Matteo Zignani, Sabrina Gaito and Gian Paolo Rossi.

Fusing Social Media Cues: Personality Prediction from Twitter and Instagram,
Marcin Skowron, Marko Tkalcic, Bruce Ferwerda and Markus Schedl.

PeARS: a Peer-to-peer Agent for Reciprocated Search,
Aurelie Herbelot.

Cluster Hypothesis in Low-Cost IR Evaluation with Different Document Representations,
Kai Hui and Klaus Berberich.

Incorporating Side Information in Tensor Completion,
Hemank Lamba, Vaishnavh Nagarajan, Kijung Shin and Naji Shajarisales.

Can One Tamper with the Sample API? -Toward Neutralizing Bias from Spam and Bot Content,
Fred Morstatter, Harsh Dani, Justin Sampson and Huan Liu.

Attention Based Recurrent Neural Networks for Online Advertising,
Shuangfei Zhai, Keng-Hao Chang, Ruofei Zhang and Zhongfei Zhang.

Complex Patterns in Dynamic Attributed Graphs,
Rina Singh, Jeffrey Graves and Doug Talbert.

On the Discovery of Success Trajectories of Authors,
Dinesh Pradhan, Tanmoy Chakraborty, Saswata Pandit and Subrata Nandi.

Selective Exploration of Commercial Documents in Web Search,
Alexander Shishkin, Ekaterina Gladkikh and Aleksandr Vorobev.

Toward G-OWL: A Graphical, Polymorphic And Typed Syntax For Building Formal OWL2 Ontologies,
Michel Héon, Roger Nkambou and Christian Langheit.

PGRank: Personalized Geographical Ranking for Point-of-Interest Recommendation,
Haochao Ying, Liang Chen, Yuwen Xiong and Jian Wu.

Investigation of the Subjective Asymmetry of Social Interrelationship with Interactive Language,
Bo Wang, Yanshu Yu and Peng Zhang.

SparkTrails: A MapReduce Implementation of HypTrails for Comparing Hypotheses About Human Trails,
Martin Becker, Hauke Mewes, Andreas Hotho, Dimitar Dimitrov, Florian Lemmerich and Markus Strohmaier.

Less is More: Filtering Abnormal Dimensions in GloVe,
Yang-Yin Lee, Hao Ke, Hen-Hsen Huang and Hsin-Hsi Chen.

Author2Vec: Learning author representations by combining content and link information,
Ganesh J, Soumyajit Ganguly, Manish Gupta, Vasudeva Varma and Vikram Pudi.

PNCOIRank: Evaluating the Impact of Scholarly Articles with Positive and Negative Citations,
Xiaomei Bai, Jun Zhang, Hai Cui, Zhaolong Ning and Feng Xia.

Estimating Gender and Age of Web Page Visitors from the Way They Use Their Mouse,
Peter Krátky and Daniela Chudá.

Inferring Gender from Names on the Web: A ComparativeEvaluation of Gender Detection Methods,
Fariba Karimi, Claudia Wagner, Florian Lemmerich, Mohsen Jadidi and Markus Strohmaier.

A Large Public Corpus of Web Tables containing Time and Context Metadata,
Oliver Lehmberg, Dominique Ritze, Robert Meusel and Christian Bizer.

Hierarchy-Based Link Prediction in Knowledge Graphs,
Manling Li, Yantao Jia, Yuanzhuo Wang, Jingyuan Li and Xueqi Cheng.

Visual Positions of Links and Clicks on Wikipedia,
Dimitar Dimitrov, Philipp Singer, Florian Lemmerich and Markus Strohmaier.

Modeling and Predicting Retweeting Dynamics via a Mixture Process,
Jinhua Gao, Huawei Shen, Shenghua Liu and Xueqi Cheng.

For the DISTINCT clause of SPARQL queries,
Medha Atre.

Structure and Dynamics of Signed Citation Networks,
Srijan Kumar.

Concept Evolution Modeling Using Semantic Vectors,
Tin Kam Ho, Luis Lastras and Oded Shmueli.

Information Diffusion and Provenance of Interactions in Twitter: is it only about retweets?
Io Taxidou, Peter M. Fischer, Tom De Nies, Erik Mannens and Rik Van de Walle.

Browsing2purchase: Online Customer Model for Sales Forecasting in an E-Commerce Site,
Jinyoung Yeo, Sungchul Kim, Eunyee Koh, Seung-Won Hwang and Nedim Lipka.

Combining Word Embedding and Lexical Database for Semantic Relatedness Measurement,
Yang-Yin Lee, Hao Ke, Hen-Hsen Huang and Hsin-Hsi Chen.

Time Series Analysis Using NOC,
Noriaki Kawamae.

A Machine learning Filter for Relation Extraction,
Kevin Lange Di Cesare, Michel Gagnon, Amal Zouaq and Ludovic Jean-Louis.

Generating Graph Snapshots from Streaming Edge Data,
Sucheta Soundarajan, Acar Tamersoy, Elias B. Khalil, Tina Eliassi-Rad, Duen Horng Chau, Brian Gallagher and Kevin Roundy.

Improving Music Recommendation using Distributed Representation,
Dongjing Wang, Shuiguang Deng, Songguo Liu and Guandong Xu.

Explaining reviews and ratings with PACO Poisson Additive Co-Clustering,
Chao-Yuan Wu, Alex Beutel, Amr Ahmed and Alexander Smola.

More than an Edit: Using Transcendental Information Cascades to Capture Hidden Structure in Wikipedia,
Ramine Tinati, Markus Luczak-Roesch, Nigel Shadbolt and Wendy Hall.

What Makes a Music Track Popular in Online Social Networks?
Jing Ren, Jialie Shen and Robert J. Kauffman.

Aspect-specific Sentimental Word Embedding for Sentiment Analysis of Online Reviews,
Hui Du, Xueke Xu, Xueqi Cheng, Dayong Wu, Yue Liu, Zhihua Yu.

Effect of Spam on Hashtag Recommendation for Tweets,
Surendra Sedhai and Aixin Sun.

Explainable Matrix Factorization for Collaborative Filtering,
Behnoush Abdollahi and Olfa Nasraoui.

Weighted Micro-Clustering: Application to Community Detection in Large-Scale Co-Purchasing Networks with User Attributes,
Tomoya Yamazaki, Nobuyuki Shimizu, Hayato Kobayashi and Satoshi Yamauchi.

Accurate Path-based Methods for Influence Maximization in Social Networks,
Yun-Yong Ko, Dong-Kyu Chae and Sang-Wook Kim.

It ROCS! The RASH Online Conversion Service,
Angelo Di Iorio, Alejandra Gonzalez-Beltran, Francesco Osborne, Silvio Peroni, Francesco Poggi and Fabio Vitali.

Leveraging Crowdsourcing for the Thematic Annotation of the Qur'an,
Amna Basharat, I. Budak Arpinar and Khaled Rasheed.

Travel the World: Analyzing and Predicting Booking Behavior using E-mail Travel Receipts,
Nemanja Djuric, Mihajlo Grbovic, Vladan Radosavljevic, Jaikit Savla, Varun Bhagwan and Doug Sharp.

Smartphone App Categorization for Interest Targeting in Advertising Marketplace,
Vladan Radosavljevic, Mihajlo Grbovic, Nemanja Djuric, Narayan Bhamidipati, Daneo Zhang, Jack Wang, Jiankai Dang, Haiying Huang, Ananth Nagarajan and Peiji Chen.

Maximizing the Spread of Positive Influence by Deadline,
Hemank Lamba and Jürgen Pfeffer.

Multimodal Content-Aware Image Thumbnailing,
Kohei Yamamoto, Hayato Kobayashi, Yukihiro Tagami and Hideki Nakayama.

Look Before You Shame: A Study on Shaming Activities on Twitter,
Rajesh Basak, Niloy Ganguly, Shamik Sural and Soumya K. Ghosh.

A Graph-Coarsening Approach for Tag Recommendation,
Manel Hmimida and Rushed Kanawati.

Importance of First Steps in a Community for Growth, Diversity, and Engagement,
Atef Chaudhury, Myunghwan Kim and Mitul Tiwari.

THUMP: Semantic Analysis on Trajectory Traces to Explore Human Movement Pattern,
Shreya Ghosh and Soumya Ghosh.

Visual Event Mining from the Twitter Stream,
Takamu Kaneko and Keiji Yanai.


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