Economics and Markets

The world economy is increasingly reliant on the Web, which serves both as a platform for traditional transactions, as well as an arena for a variety of new economic activities such as online advertising, cloud computing, crowdsourcing, and the sharing economy.  The WWW track on Markets and Economics is a forum for theoretical, empirical, and applied research related to the modeling, analysis, and design of web-specific economic activities.  Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Digital advertising
  • Cloud computing economics
  • App ecosystems
  • The sharing economy
  • Economics of crowdsourcing
  • Economics of social networks
  • Incentives in user-generated content: reviews, ratings, reputation systems
  • Internet-enabled auctions, markets, exchanges and pricing

For questions related to this call, please email:

Area Chairs

  • Nicole Immorlica, Microsoft, USA
  • Preston McAfee, Microsoft, USA

Program Committee

  • Shuchi Chawla, U. Wisconsin - Madison
  • Nikhil Devanur, Microsoft
  • David Easley, Cornell
  • Federico Echenique, Caltech
  • Michal Feldman, Tel Aviv U.
  • Andrey Fradkin, MIT
  • Arpita Ghosh, Cornell
  • Gagan Goel, Google
  • Monika Henzinger, U. of Vienna
  • Patrick Hummel, Google
  • Ron Lavi, Technion
  • Katrina Ligett, Caltech and Hebrew U.
  • Mohammad Mahdian, Google
  • Sigal Oren, Ben Gurion U.
  • David Pennock, Microsoft
  • Justin Rao, Microsoft
  • Yaron Singer, Harvard
  • Balasubramanian Sivan, Google
  • Kane Sweeney, eBay
  • Jennifer Wortman Vaughan, Microsoft
  • Christopher Wilkens, Yahoo
  • Georgios Zervas, Boston U.
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