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Tenth International World Wide Web Conference

May 1-5, 2001
Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center


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The Tenth International World Wide Web Conference (WWW10) will be held in May 1-5, 2001 in Hong Kong, the heart of the Asia-Pacific region. Leaders from industry, academia, and government will present the latest developments in Web technology, and discuss the issues and challenges facing the web community as it moves into the 21st century. The conference will consist of refereed paper sessions, poster sessions, panel sessions, a W3C track and six specialized tracks: Culture track, E-commerce on the Web, Vendors track, the Web and Education, Web Internationalization, and the Web and Society. It will also feature presentations by keynote and invited speakers. The first day of the conference will be a day of tutorials and workshops, and the last day will be a developers' day.

WWW10 is being organized by an international committee including participants from Hong Kong's academia and industrial sectors. The Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre, established in July 1988, will be the venue for WWW10. The International World Wide Web Conferences are events of the International World Wide Web Conference Committee (IW3C2).

  • Refereed Paper Tracks
  • Tutorials and Workshops
  • Developers' Day
  • Exhibitions
  • Posters
  • Culture Track
  • E-Commerce on the Web Track
  • Vendors Track
  • Web and Education Track
  • Web and Society Track
  • Web Internationalization Track
  • W3C Track

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