Organization Committee

General Co-Chairs

Frédérique  Laforest

 Frédérique Laforest

Univ Lyon, INSA Lyon, LIRIS, France

 Raphaël Troncy

Eurecom, Sophia-Antipolis – France

Raphaël  Troncy

Program Committee Co-Chairs

Deepak  Agarwal

 Deepak Agarwal

Pinterest, Mountain View, CA, USA

 Aristides Gionis

KTH Royal Institute of Technology – Sweden
Aalto University – Finland

Aristides  Gionis
Elena  Simperl

 Elena Simperl

King’s College, London, UK

Tutorials Co-Chairs

 Senjuti Basu Roy

New Jersey Institute of Technology

Senjuti  Basu Roy
Riccardo  Tommasini

 Riccardo Tommasini

Politecnico di Milano, Italy

Workshops Co-Chairs

 Nathalie Hernandez

IRIT lab., University of Toulouse – Jean Jaurès

Nathalie  Hernandez
Preslav  Nakov

 Preslav Nakov

Qatar Computing Research Institute QCRI

Industry Co-Chairs

 Petra Selmer

Neo4j, UK

Petra  Selmer
Joshua  Shinavier

 Joshua Shinavier


Journal Chair

 Ryen White


Ryen  White

PhD Symposium Co-Chairs

Elena  Demidova

 Elena Demidova

University of Bonn, Germany

 Hala Skaf-Molli

University of Nantes, France

Hala  Skaf-Molli

Posters and Demos Co-Chairs

Anna Lisa  Gentile

 Anna Lisa Gentile

IBM Research Almaden

 Pasquale Lisena


Pasquale  Lisena

Web developer and W3C Co-Chairs

Dominique  Hazael-Massieux

 Dominique Hazael-Massieux


 Thomas Steiner

Google LLC

Thomas  Steiner

Sponsorship Co-Chairs

Yi  Chang

 Yi Chang

Jilin University, China

 Liane Lewin-Eytan

Amazon, Israel

Liane  Lewin-Eytan
Juan  Sequeda

 Juan Sequeda, USA

Local Organization Committee Co-Chairs

 Laurent Flory

Université Lyon-1 – France

Laurent  Flory
Luc  Mariaux

 Luc Mariaux

École Centrale de Lyon – France (retired)

Local Organization Committee Members

 Pierre-Antoine Champin chair


Pierre-Antoine  Champin
Yingtong  Dou

 Yingtong Dou Video conference chair

University of Illinois at Chicago

 Coralie Grégoire Project Manager & Communication chair


Coralie  Grégoire
Ivan  Herman

 Ivan Herman Proceedings chair

W3C (retired)

 Yoelle Maarek IW3C2 liaison

Amazon – Haifa – Israel

Yoelle  Maarek
Lionel  Médini

 Lionel Médini Proceedings chair

Univ Lyon, UCBL, LIRIS, France

Local Organization Committee Contributors

 Gabriel Bondaz

IDCI-Consulting – Villeurbanne – France

Gabriel  Bondaz
Sébastien  Desbenoit

 Sébastien Desbenoit

Groupe SEB – France

Volunteers Chairs

 Sébastien Forget

TD Bank Group, Canada

Sébastien  Forget
Mark  Schueler

 Mark Schueler

University of Southampton