Job Fair

The job fair is a great way to bring together job candidates with open positions in both industry and academia, increasing the chances of finding the perfect job to advance your career or find your ideal future employee. If you are an organisation that wants to advertise positions or if you are looking for career opportunities, don’t miss your chance to participate!
What: Speed meetings for recruiters to identify potential future employees and for candidates to find jobs
Where: In the space of The Web Conference
When: Wed 27 April, 11h-12h30 CEST, and 15h15-16h45 CEST
Who: All companies attending The Web Conference can come to offer jobs. All participants in The Web Conference can be job candidates.
I have a job position to offer, what do I need to do? Either signal it when registering to the conference, or contact before 11 April.
I am looking for a job, what do I need to do? Simply join one (or both) of the Job Fair sessions on Wed 27, and meet the participating companies and organisations at their booth.
Companies and Organisations involved in the Job Fair (alphabetical order)