WORKSHOPS & TUTORIALS April 12-16 (CEST time zone)


9-16h CEST   – Benjamin Ricaud, Nicolas Aspert and Volodymyr Miz

Hands-on tutorial on Large Scale Graph Mining: Visualization, Exploration, and Analysis

10-17h CEST – Francisco M Couto

Hands-on tutorial on Exploring Biomedical Web Resources Using Shell Scripting

11-19,30h CEST – Marc Spaniol, Ricardo Baeza-Yates and Omar Alonso

11th Temporal Web Analytics Workshop (TempWeb)

11-19,30h CEST- Dirk Ahlers, Erik Wilde, Rossano Schifanella and Jalal Alowibdi

Workshop LocWeb 2021 at The Web Conference 2021

13,30-17h CEST – Chiara Renso and Jeanna Matthews

3rd Workshop on Fairness, Accountability, Transparency, Ethics and Society on the Web (FATES 2021)

14-18h CEST – Pasquale Lisena and Albert Meroño-Peñuela

Hands-on tutorial SWApi: SPARQL Endpoints and Web API

14-18h CEST – Elena Demidova, Sherzod Hakimov, Jane Winters and Marko Tadić

CLEOPATRA’2021: The 2nd International Workshop on Cross-lingual Event-centric Open Analytics

17-20,30h CEST – Krishnaram Kenthapadi, Ben Packer, Mehrnoosh Sameki and Nashlie Sephus

Tutorial on Responsible AI in Industry: Practical Challenges and Lessons Learned

8,30-13,30h CEST – Wenzhong Guo, Chin-Chen Chang, Eyhab Al-Masri, Chi-Hua Chen, Haishuai Wang and K. Shankar

The 1st International Workshop on Deep Learning for the Web of Things

9-16h CEST – Alexey Drutsa, Dmitry Ustalov, Nikita Popov and Daria Baidakova

Hands-on tutorial on Improving Web Ranking with Humans in the Loop: Methodology, Scalability, Evaluation

9-17,30h CEST – Paolo Manghi, Andrea Mannocci, Francesco Osborne, Dimitris Sacharidis, Angelo Salatino and Thanasis Vergoulis

1st International Workshop on Scientific Knowledge Representation, Discovery, and Assessment (Sci-K)

9-16h CEST – Florian Laurent, Yanick Schraner, Christian Scheller, Manuel Schneider and Sharada Mohanty

Hands-on tutorial Flatland: Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning on Trains

9-12h CEST – Irene Teinemaa, Javier Albert and Dmitri Goldenberg

Tutorial on Uplift Modeling: from Causal Inference to Personalization

14-17h CEST – Flavian Vasile, David Rohde, Olivier Jeunen, Amine Benhalloum, Otmane Sakhi

Hands-on tutorial: Recommender Systems through the lens of Decision Theory: Unifying Policy- and Value-based Approaches to Recommendation

15-18,30h CEST – Linjun Shou, Ming Gong, Jian Pei, Xiubo Geng, Xingjie Zhou and Daxin Jiang

Tutorial: Scaling NLP Applications to 100+ Languages

17-20h CEST – Arjun Gopalan, Da-Cheng Juan , Cesar Ilharco Magalhaes, Chun-Sung Ferng, Allan Heydon, Chun-Ta Lu, Philip Pham, George Yu, Yicheng Fan, Yueqi Wang
Hands-on tutorial on Neural Structured Learning: Training Neural Networks with Structured Signals


3-6h CEST – Xiangyu Zhao, Jiliang Tang, Dawei Yin, Long Xia, Huiji Gao, Rui Chen and Jason Gauci

The 2nd Workshop on Deep Reinforcement Learning for Knowledge Discovery

9-18h CEST – Tudor Mihai Avram, Dragan Cvetinovic, Levan Tsinadze, Johny Jose, Rose Howell and Mario Koenig

Tutorial on Machine Learning-Driven Ad Blocking: From Data Collection to Deployment

9-13h CEST – Yu Rong, Wenbing Huang, Tingyang Xu, Yatao Bian, Hong Cheng, Fuchun Sun and Junzhou Huang

Tutorial on Advanced Deep Graph Learning: Deeper, Faster, Robuster, Unsupervised

10-19h CEST – Konstantin Todorov, Stefan Dietze and Pavlos Fafalios

Beyond Facts: 1st International Workshop on Knowledge Graphs for Online Discourse Analysis

14-17h CEST – Shobeir Fakhraei and Christos Faloutsos

Tutorial on Graph Mining and Multi-Relational Learning: Tools and Applications

14-18h CEST – Fangzhao Wu, Chuhan Wu, Kai Shu, Xiang Ao and Xing Xie

First International Workshop on News Recommendation and Intelligence

14-20,30h CEST – Miriam Redi, Robert West and Leila Zia

8th Wiki Workshop

14-18,30h CEST – Daniela Paolotti

Workshop Data Science for Social Good

14-17,30h CEST – Jiawei Chen, Xiang Wang, Fuli Feng and Xiangnan He

Tutorial on Bias Issues and Solutions in Recommender System

14-18h CEST – Stratis Ioannidis, Jennifer Dy and Ilkay Yildiz

Tutorual: Learning from Comparisons

15-19h CEST – Shubhanshu Mishra, Rezvaneh Rezapour and Jana Diesner

Hands-on tutorial on Information Extraction from Social Media: Tasks, Data, and Open-Source Tools

9-13h CEST – Wolfram Wingerath, Benjamin Wollmer, Felix Gessert, Stephan Succo and Norbert Ritter

Tutorial Going for Speed: Full-Stack Performance Engineering in Modern Web-Based Applications

9-12,30h CEST – Leonidas Anthopoulos, Marijn Janssen and Vishanth Weerakkody

7th WebAndTheCity – Web Intelligence and Resilience in Smart Cities

14-18h CEST – Evann Courdier

Hands-on tutorial Deep Learning with PyTorch

14,45-20h CEST – Luis Garcia Pueyo, Anand Bhaskar, Prathyusha Senthil Kumar, Panayiotis Tsaparas, Kiran Garimella, Yu Sun and Francesco Bonchi

Workshop on Misinformation Integrity in Social Networks

15-18h CEST – Rezvaneh Rezapour, Samin Aref, Ly Dinh and Jana Diesner

Hands-on tutorial on analyzing social network data in Jupyter Python: The essentials, signed networks, and network optimization (1st half)

16-20h CEST – Ashutosh Joshi, Shailendra Agarwal, Vaclav Petricek and Atul Saroop

Workshop on Multilingual Search

17-21h CEST – Loïc Barrault, Erik Cambria, Giuseppe Castellucci, Simone Filice and Elman Mansimov

Workshop NLP Beyond Text – 2nd Edition Workshop Proposal

19-22,30h CEST – Eyhab Al-Masri and Di Wang

First International Workshop on the Efficiency of Modern Datacenters (EMDC)


9-13h CEST – Onur Çelebi

Building an Efficient Text Classifier from the Ground Up

9-12,30h CEST – Leonidas Anthopoulos, Marijn Janssen and Vishanth Weerakkody

7th WebAndTheCity – Web Intelligence and Resilience in Smart Cities

10-17h CEST – Martin Müller, Florian Laurent, Manuel Schneider and Olesia Altunina

Hands-on tutorial on Conversational Artificial Intelligence: Can Your AI Beat the Turing Test?

10-19h CEST – Bing Yin, Luna Dong, Haixun Wang and Chao Zhang

PKG4Ecommerce: Product Knowledge Graph for E-Commerce Workshop 2021

13-19h CEST – Michaël Defferrard – POSTPONED DUE TO HEALTH REASONS! 

Full day hands-on tutorial on Learning from Graphs: From Mathematical Principles to Practical Tools

14-18h CEST – Cheng-Te Li and Lun-Wei Lu

The 9th International Workshop on Natural Language Processing for Social Media (SocialNLP 2021)

14-20h CEST – Jie Tang, Yuxiao Dong and Zhilin Yang

The International Workshop on Self-Supervised Learning for the Web (S2L@WWW 2021)

15h -1,30h CEST (April 17) – Ying Ding, Benjamin Glicksberg, Jim Hendler, Mark Musen, Yifan Peng, Fei Wang, Marinka Zitnik

Workshop on AI in Health: Transferring and Integrating Knowledge for Better Health

15-19,30h CEST – Yuxiao Dong, Danai Koutra and Qiaozhu Mei

Workshop on Graph Learning Benchmarks (GLB 2021)

15-18h CEST – Rezvaneh Rezapour, Samin Aref, Ly Dinh and Jana Diesner

Hands-on tutorial on analyzing social network data in Jupyter Python: The essentials, signed networks, and network optimization (2nd half)

16-20h CEST – Mahdi Bohlouli and Maria-Esther Vidal

The 3rd Innovation Workshop on Transforming Big Data into Actionable Knowledge (BiDAW)

16-20h CEST – Hsin-Hsi Chen, Hiroya Takamura, Hen-Hsen Huang and Chung-Chi Chen

The First Workshop on Financial Technology on the Web

18-1h (April 17) CEST – Sumeet Katariya, Nikhil Rao and Chandan Reddy

Workshop on Data-efficient Machine Learning for Web Applications (DeMaL)

April 17: 3-6h CEST – Xiangyu Zhao, Wenqi Fan, Jiliang Tang and Dawei Yin

Tutorial on Deep Recommender System: Fundamentals and Advances

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