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Host a Conference

As the Web Conference series aims to be a truly international and worldwide conference, it follows a 3 year cycle of being alternately hosted in the following global regions: Americas, Europe and Africa, and Asia and Oceania. For bidding purposes, the countries comprising each of these regions are defined in While not commonly awarded, the IW3C2 will consider very strong bid submissions which deviate from this cycle, upon consultation with the Bids Liaison (bids-at-iw3c2-dot-org). IW3C2 seeks to have bids closed at least 3 years before the conference takes place. The decision process follows the timetable below (the example given is for 2023):

Event Bidding opens for year x Short list selected for presentation Bids presented at WWW conference meeting Bid selected at 2nd semester meeting Letter of Intent signed; shadow planning starts Run booth at previous conference Conference date
Delay (months) relative to conference date -42 -39 -36 -30 -24 -12 0
Example 2019/12/15 2020/02/15 2020/05/15 2020/11/15 2021/05/15 2022/05/05 2023/05/15

The final decision is made either at the meeting during the WWW conference 3 years before the proposed date, or during the second semester meeting of that same year.

It is expected that bids for the WWW conference be led by research-oriented institutions or consortia, with a strong preference for those with previous involvement with the conference series at some level - general attendance, workshop organization, tutorial presentation, chairing some activity such as papers track, posters, etc.... This helps to ensure continuity of themes, organization and style across conference editions in the series, as well as innovations informed by previous experience with the series. It is not mandatory that the bidding organization be physically located in the same place as the conference venue, but they should be sufficiently close to allow high and effective coordination with the local team.

Preparing for the Application

There is a formal procedure for an academic institute or consortium to apply to host an IW3C2 WWW Conference. If you are interested, please read the Conference Guide and fill out the application, making it available to the IW3C2 on the Web. To help you out, we provide a budget template containing the main expense and income items for a typical WWW conference. Please make sure also to read the Contract Template (2018/12/10) that your organization will be asked to sign with IW3C2.

We encourage parties interested in hosting a Conference to notify the IW3C2 chair (currently Wendy Hall) and the Conference Bids liaison (currently Daniel Schwabe, bids a-t iw3c2 d_o_t org) as soon as possible. Please indicate which year(s) you are interested in. You should also contact us if you believe there are clauses in the contract template with which your organization would have difficulty in agreeing.

We hold a Conference once a year. The status of the next Conferences is:


Decided - Lyon, France

Liaison: Yoelle Maarek


Decided - Texas, USA

Liaison: Daniel Schwabe

Bidding documents should be sent by email to bids at iw3c2 dot org. A website with the basic information, and possibly additional information (e.g., videos) should also be made available. Any further clarifications or requests should be directed to bids at iw3c2 dot org.

Future conference bids

Interested bidders are encouraged to contact "bids at iw3c2 dot org" at any time, after reading the basic information here. The Bids Liaison (Daniel Schwabe) is available to interact with interested parties in order to improve expressions of interest to the point that they constitute a complete bid proposal. For actual bid selection, IW3C2 follows a formal bidding cycle described above, which starts in November of each year.

Please see notes to potential conference host.

Bids Liaison:

Daniel Schwabe
Dep. de Informática, PUC-Rio
R. M. de S. Vicente, 225, Rio de Janeiro, RJ 22453-900
Tels. +55 21 3114 1500 x. 4356
Email: bids at iw3c2 dot org

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