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User Modeling

Track Chairs

Xing Xie , Microsoft Research Asia
Emine Yilmaz , University College London

A large swath of user interaction with various online services happens through devices connected to the World Wide Web. Hence, developing technologies to understand and enhance user experience has become one of the most challenging problems for Web researchers and practitioners. Recent advances have enabled the processing of vast amounts of data collected from these devices, using techniques from machine learning, statistical modeling, natural language processing, speech recognition, and others. The sheer volume of interactions has also made it possible to innovate and experiment continuously in a data-driven fashion, based on users’ interactions and feedback. In this track we invite original research submissions addressing all aspects of user behavior analytics, personalization, and experience.

Topics include (but are not limited to):

  • User Modeling, Log Analysis, and Interaction Models
  • User Interfaces, Design and Evaluation
  • User Experience with Interactive and Conversational Systems
  • Intelligent Agents and Personal Assistants
  • Personalization of the Web Experience
  • Personalization and Recommendation for the Social Web
  • Recommendation Algorithms and Recommender Systems
  • Experiment Design for User Studies and Online Testing
  • Qualitative Methods to Collect and Analyze User Feedback
  • Metrics for User Behavior and Evaluating Success
  • Bias, Bubbles and Ethics of Personalized Services
  • Innovative Methods to Enhance Online User Experience
  • Practical Large-scale Studies of User Experience
  • Personalized Content Ranking and Presentation
  • Explainable Methods for Personalization

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