Call for Papers

Web and Society

Track Chairs

Daniela Paolotti , ISI Foundation & ISI Global Science Foundation
Yu-Ru Lin , University of Pittsburgh, USA

The Web deeply impacts and co-evolves with societies world-wide. The Web constitutes a space irrespective of physical boundaries that changes how societies work in all aspects. In addition to rapid technical development that enables sensing, archiving, communicating, and connecting people within and between societies and societal groups, the Web also raises the need to reflect which values societies need to pursue and how to pursue them in an increasingly digitized world.

We welcome submissions in all areas that concern the interaction of Web and Society or Societies, such as studies that advance the understanding of the Web's impact -- relating and beyond applications of the social web, the interaction with traditional or mainstream media, and the impact on governments, non-governmental organizations and business, and in sectors such as health care, science, and education.

We also encourage papers concerning the interdisciplinary issues within the context of the Web and web-mediated societies, such as employment, labor, legislation, politics, governance, democracy and economics, as well as changes in homes, workplaces, schools, and the city. We appreciate methodological contribution (e.g., statistic, algorithmic and system approaches), as well as novel empirical findings.

Topics include (but are not limited to):

  • Computational Social Science
  • Novel Digital Data and/or Computational Analyses for Addressing Societal Challenges
  • Humanities, Arts and Culture on the Web
  • Data-driven Political Science
  • Modeling, Designing, Operating, and Evaluating Socio-technical Systems
  • Smart Cities
  • Ethical Issues in the Analysis of Web Data
  • Methods and Analyses for System/Algorithmic Accountability, Fairness and Bias Mitigation
  • Reproducibility and Transparency in Computational Social Science Research
  • Online Opinion Dynamics, Trust and Reputation
  • Temporal and Spatial Now-casting
  • Filter Bubbles and Online Polarization, Conflicts or Tribalization
  • Disinformation, Misinformation, Fact-checking, Media Manipulation, and Political Trolls
  • Mitigation of Abusive, Sexist, Racist, and Hateful Speech Online
  • Open Data and Innovation in Participatory Methods
  • Web-mediated Communities and Crowds including Massive Multiplayer Games, Massive Courses, Fora, and Others
  • Self-governance, Democracy, Civic Engagement, Collective Actions via the Web

Submissions should explain clearly how they are related to the interaction between Web and Society. Submissions must indicate how they have addressed the ethical and reproducibility dimensions of their research. We encourage interdisciplinary research approaches involving sociology, psychology, communication and media sciences, political sciences, health science or others.

PC Members:

  • Abigail JacobsUniversity of California, Berkeley
  • Alain BarratCNRS
  • Alejandro JaimesAicure
  • Alexandra OlteanuMicrosoft
  • André PanissonData Science Lab, ISI Foundation
  • Andreas KaltenbrunnerNTENT
  • Arun IyengarIBM
  • Ashton AndersonUniversity of Toronto
  • Barbara PobleteUniversity of Chile
  • Bogdan StateStanford University
  • Camille RothCNRS
  • Ceren BudakUniversity of Michigan School of Information
  • Chenhao TanUniversity of Colorado Boulder
  • Chico CamargoUniversity of Oxford
  • Christo WilsonNortheastern University
  • Claudia LopezUniversidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria
  • Claudia WagnerGESIS-Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences
  • Cody BuntainUniversity of Maryland
  • Corrado MontiISI Foundation
  • Daniel RomeroUniversity of Michigan
  • Daniela PaolottiISI Foundation
  • Daniele QuerciaYahoo Labs
  • David JurgensUniversity of Michigan
  • David Liben-NowellCarleton College
  • Dongwon LeeThe Pennsylvania State University
  • Drew MargolinCornell University
  • Ee-Peng LimSingapore Management University
  • Elisa BertinoPurdue University
  • Emilio FerraraUniversity of Southern California
  • Emma SpiroUniversity of Washington
  • Emre KicimanMicrosoft
  • Eric MalmiGoogle
  • Esma AimeurUniversity of Montreal
  • Fabian FlöckGESIS Cologne
  • Fabricio BenevenutoFederal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG)
  • George BerryFacebook
  • Haewoon KwakQatar Computing Research Institute
  • Ingmar WeberQatar Computing Research Institute
  • Jake HofmanMicrosoft
  • Jeremy BlackburnBinghamton University
  • Jiebo LuoUniversity of Rochester
  • Jisun AnQatar Computing Research Institute, Hamad Bin Khalifa University
  • Justin ChengFacebook
  • Kai WeiAmazon
  • Katja MayerTechnical University of Munich
  • Katrin WellerGESIS - Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences
  • Kenneth JosephNortheastern University
  • Kiran GarimellaAalto University
  • Konstantinos PelechrinisUniversity of Pittsburgh
  • Kristen AltenburgerStanford University
  • Kristina LermanUniversity of Southern California
  • Kyriaki KalimeriISI Foundation, Turin
  • Lada AdamicFacebook Inc
  • Laura NelsonNortheastern University
  • Leo FerresUniversidad del Desarrollo
  • Leslie CarrUniversity of Southampton
  • Lingfei WuUniversity of Pittsburgh
  • Luca Maria AielloNokia Bell Labs
  • Lydia ManikondaArizona State University
  • Maria Bermudez-EdoUniversity of Granada
  • Marina KoganUniversity of Utah
  • Mark KeaneUCD Dublin
  • Markus StrohmaierRWTH Aachen University & GESIS
  • Meeyoung ChaKorea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
  • Michael ColaresiUniversity of Pittsburgh
  • Michele CatastaStanford University
  • Miriam RediWikimedia Foundation
  • Momin MalikCarnegie Mellon University
  • Olessia KoltsovaNational Research University Higher School of Economics
  • Pablo AragónUniversitat Pompeu Fabra
  • Pablo BarberáLondon School of Economics
  • Paolo BoldiUniversity of Milan
  • Przemyslaw GrabowiczMax Planck Institute for Software Systems
  • Robert WestEcole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
  • Rossano SchifanellaUniversity of Torino
  • Rosta FarzanUniversity of Pittsburgh
  • Salvatore VilellaUniversità degli Studi di Torino
  • Sebastian DeriCornell University
  • Tarek AbdelzaherUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Umashanthi PavalanathanGeorgia Institute of Technology
  • Virgilio AlmeidaUFMG
  • Wagner Meira Jr.Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais
  • Wei JengNational Taiwan University
  • Winter MasonFacebook
  • Xidao WenUniversity of Pittsburgh
  • Yelena MejovaISI Foundation
  • Yu-Ru LinUniversity of Pittsburgh