Call for Papers

Crowdsourcing and Human Computation

Track Chairs

Walter Lasecki , University of Michigan, USA
Zaiqing Nie , Alibaba AI Labs

This track focuses on socio-technical systems that rely on programmatic interaction with crowds, value creation through collective action, or where human activity and coordination contributes to the execution and operation of computational systems, applications, or services.

Papers are expected to contribute a new algorithm, analysis, application, or framework. Papers should be clearly positioned with respect to prior work, convey the importance of the contributions and findings, and report in detail the methodology used and the obtained results, including a comparison with state-of-the-art methods when appropriate.

Topics include (but are not limited to):

  • Crowdsourcing and Collective Intelligence
  • Modeling, Design, and Operation of Crowdsourcing Systems
  • Interactions between Human Computation and Machine Intelligence
  • Workflow Optimization Based on Expertise, Compatibility, Time Constraints, etc.
  • Engagement, Motivations, Incentives, and Gamification
  • Mining of Crowd-generated Data
  • Applications of Crowdsourcing (Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Speech and Natural Language Processing, etc.)
  • Crowdsourcing and Impact on Labor, Legislation, Politics, Governance, and Economics
  • User-generated Content and Peer Production
  • Quality Assurance and Metrics in Crowd-powered Applications
  • Efficiency and Scalability of Crowd-powered Solutions
  • Real-time and Mobile Crowdsourcing
  • Crowd Phenomena in Opinion Formation and Prediction Markets
  • Usability and Human Factors in Crowdsourcing Applications
  • Behavior Modeling of Workers, Worker Communities, and Requesters
  • Crowd-powered Conversational Systems