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Quanta Computer Inc.

Established in 1988, Quanta Computer is one of the world’s leading notebook manufacturers. Aside from our leadership position in notebook manufacturing business, we have extended our reach to cloud computing business, enterprise network solutions, mobile communications products, smart home products, autotronics, smart healthcare, IoT, and AI applications to proactively expand the integrated deployment of our operations and explore new business opportunities.

Apart from being one of the Fortune 500 companies, we are also an important notebook ODM manufacturer in the world, with production and service locations across Asia, North America, Latin America, and Europe. Our product lines are across information, communications, consumer electronics, and cloud computing areas. We also actively developing our main operational center in Taiwan, and integrate manufacturing sites in Americas, Europe, and Asia, thereby achieving our strong competitiveness in global manufacturing and sales.

With innovation and R&D capabilities as our core competence, we proactively diversify into non-notebook products and focus on raising the proportion of other products. We integrate big data management to develop a complete ecosystem for AI tools. We are devoted into becoming a leading system solution provider in all application fields of the AI economy.

Taiwan Mobile Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Mobile is transforming into a next-gen telecom company in the 5G/AI era, with the new Super 5G strategy: “Gift”- leverage Taiwan Mobile’s multifaceted assets; “Group”- derive the greatest synergies from affiliate companies; “Grit”-think 10 to 15 years ahead in developing a Super 5G ecosystem; “Green”-love for Taiwan, humanity, and the Earth; “GSEA(Greater Southeast Asia)”-strive to become a GSEA regional company.

As a leader in corporate sustainability, Taiwan Mobile has been included in the top-tier DJSI World Index for the last 3 years, and got highest score among all domestic telecom companies in 2019. Meanwhile, we are listed on the DJSI Emerging Markets Index for the eighth consecutive year. Taiwan Mobile has also been Taiwan’s most profitable telecom company for 7 consecutive years from 2012 to 2018.


Zoom Video Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ: ZM) brings teams together to get more done in a frictionless video environment. Our easy, reliable, and innovative video-first unified communications platform provides video meetings, voice, webinars, and chat across desktops, phones, mobile devices, and conference room systems. Zoom helps enterprises create elevated experiences with leading business app integrations and developer tools to create customized workflows. Founded in 2011, Zoom is headquartered in San Jose, California, with offices around the world. Visit and follow @zoom_us.


Chunghwa Telecom

Chunghwa Telecom is the largest integrated telecommunication service provider in Taiwan, with leading offerings in domestic and international fixed communication, mobile communication, broadband, and internet services.

In addition to these traditional services, the Company also provides information and communication technology services to enterprise customers with big data, information security, cloud computing and IDC capabilities, and is expanding businesses into innovative technology services such as IoT, AI, etc. All of these capabilities and offerings aim to create an optimal communication environment to enable wonderful and convenient digital life-style, as well as to serve as a key partner for other international telecommunication service providers.

In recent years, the Company has been actively involved in Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives and has attained various domestic and international awards and recognition. The Company aims to realize its ambitions and implement full scale CSR by upholding the highest standards of governance principles with legalized governance framework.


Microsoft Research is where leading scientists and engineers have the freedom and support to propel discovery and innovation. Here, they pursue and publish curiosity-driven research in a range of scientific and technical disciplines that can be translated into products. With access to vast computing power, global multi-disciplinary teams tackle complex problems that drive breakthrough technologies and improve lives.


Far EasTone Telecommunications Co., Ltd.

Far EasTone Telecommunications (FET) is a leading company in Taiwan which provides telecommunications and digital application services. Since 1997, FET has strived to close the gap between people to achieve the objective of “Closing the distance”.

In 2014, FET launched its digital brand "friDay", which insists on creating a comprehensive smart service that allows the lives of consumers to become even more digitalized and mobilized. FET continues to strengthen internet infrastructure, vertical integration of the ICT industry, and utilizes big data analysis to customize more comprehensive and secure enterprise cloud services for the business community. Moreover, FET has collaborated with Ericsson to establish the first 5G Lab in Taiwan. In 2018, FET announced the establishment of the “FET 5G Pioneer Team,” the first in Taiwan to drive development of 5G connected technologies and ecosystem.

As the 5G era approaches, FET has set its sights beyond telecommunications and has reinterpreted the brand statement in 2019, setting a new milestone with “For Every Thought, We Go Further". FET’s aim is, through Big Data, AI, IoT and other digital applications, to not only bring people closer together in mind, also to reduce the gap between people and new technology.


Web4Good is a non-profit organization that aims to improve the societal impact of the Web through different charitable activities powered by science and technology.


ELTA Technology (ELTA TV)

ELTA Technology Co., Ltd. Incorporated in 2000.

Our constant drive to achieve breakthroughs and provide the newest technology and content puts us at the forefront in the digital content market in Taiwan.

On October 21, 2008, ELTA-TV was formally established and listed on CHT MOD (IPTV platform ), also broadcasted the first-ever HD Olympic Games in Taiwan.

We currently own 5 TV channels, including 3 Sports channels, "ELTA Sports 1,2,3", "ELTA TV Drama", and "ELTA World", which airing the best coverage over all IPTV platform, also provides OTT services in Taiwan.

ELTA will continue linking up with the rest of the world, outstanding platforms and specialized business groups, maintaining our position at the fore of Taiwan’s digital content industry with more than 3000 hours of HD digital content and integrated interactive capability.

In today’s new era of large-scale interaction in telecommunications and media, we are not only an interested observer but also an active participant, leading the way into creative new areas of media.


Giving people the power to build community and bring the world closer together requires constant innovation. At Facebook, research permeates everything we do. We work on cutting edge research with a practical focus, pushing product boundaries every day. We seek to create the technologies that give people new ways to communicate.


Google tackles the most challenging problems in computer science and related fields. Being bold and taking risks is essential to what we do, and research teams are embedded throughout Google allowing our discoveries to affect billions of users each day. In doing so, we actively collaborate with, and learn from, the broader scientific community, and publish our research in traditional scientific venues, open source software releases, industry standards, data releases and patents.


Pinterest helps you discover and do what you love. We're building the world's first visual discovery engine. More than 300 million people around the world use Pinterest to dream about, plan and prepare for things they want to do in life. Pinterest is the home of inspiration and we're building the world's first visual discovery engine. Our engineers are building and scaling for more than 300 million people around the world. Our work includes bringing a more inclusive search to mobile, and making strides in shopping and computer vision by automating Shop the Look, improving Lens camera search and identifying more than 2.5 billion objects across home and fashion Pins. In addition to infrastructure and operations improvements, we're making mobile faster and more reliable.

Yahoo Research

We build the breakthroughs that power Verizon Media’s communications, media, search, and advertising. With brands like Yahoo, AOL and Huffpost, Verizon Media Advertising platform, our products operate at massive scale, reaching over one billion consumers and serving billions of ad units daily. Our size and scope make Yahoo Research a unique place for research scientists to redefine what’s possible with data. Our work is innovative, our products are everywhere, and our discoveries headline scientific forums worldwide.