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Claire Wardle  

Claire Wardle

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Claire is a TED fellow working on a new participatory project aimed at building an information commons where people can reliably find factual information that serves their needs, hold accountable those who create or disseminate content for mass consumption and ensure available knowledge is more representative of the global community. Claire also leads the strategic direction and research for First Draft and is the co-founder of one of First Draft’s founding partners, Eyewitness Media Hub. Before First Draft, she was the Research Director at the Tow Center for Digital Journalism at Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. She was also head of social media for the United Nations Refugee Agency and Director of News Services for Storyful. She is one of the world’s experts on user-generated content, and has led substantial research projects—with an emphasis on qualitative research methodologies—investigating how UGC is handled by news organizations. She was a member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on the Future of Information and Entertainment. She holds a PhD in Communications from the University of Pennsylvania.


Enlisting the public to build a healthier web information commons

Over the past three years, platforms, governments and a plethora of nonprofit initiatives have prioritized fighting online misinformation through a variety of different means. Yet the current framework is too fragmented to deliver global results. The big tech platforms have data, but no public accountability. Governments (mostly) have democratic legitimacy, but little information on what is actually going on in the platforms they're itching to regulate. And nonprofit initiatives too often lack the scale to affect change at the level needed. What if we came up with a dramatically new deliberative process that involves a global community of concerned citizens ready to share information and participate in consultations to improve collective decision-making? What if a more accountable, diverse and verifiable web were still possible?

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