Title :
Data Management Platforms for Digital Advertising

Organizers :

  • Hazem Elmeleegy
  • Santanu Kolay

Abstract :

Digital advertising is considered one of the earliest real-world applications of big data. Given the sheer volume of online and offline events that need to be tracked while planning and executing ad campaigns; the unprecedented amount of decisions that need to be made in real-time; and the Internet-scale analytics that needs to be performed before, during, and after each campaign; this industry could not have arrived at its current level of maturity without all the recent advances in big data technologies.

With data playing the central role in today’s digital advertising, a very important class of services has emerged in the advertising landscape: Data Management Platforms, or DMPs. The purpose of a DMP is to seamlessly (and rapidly) collect, integrate, analyze, and activate large volumes of data to ultimately make advertising as effective as possible.

This tutorial will cover in detail the challenges involved in building a modern data management platform for digital advertising, and some of the high-impact research opportunities that exist in this Space.