Title :
WebAudio : audio effects and musical instruments in the browser

Organizers :

  • Michel Buffa
  • Yann Orlarey
  • Stéphane Letz

Abstract :

The W3C WebAudio API is now a recommendation candidate, and proposes a set of high level nodes for building an “audio processing graph”. The native implementation of these nodes in the browser allows for developing a whole range of applications by assembling them (gain, filters, waveshapers, delay, stereo panner etc) and developers managed to write some impressive applications (Digital Audio Workstations, real time audio effects, tube guitar amp simulation, synthesizers, real time 3D sound spatialization etc.), but there was no good way to make low level processing (the now obsolete scriptProcessor node was designed for this purpose and had many flaws) until the recent addition of the AudioWorklet node, that is the last inclusion in the WebAudio API version 1…