ConferenceProgram for Tuesday April 24th

2018 Workshop on “Semantics, Analytics and Visualisation: Enhancing Scholarly…1:40pm-5:00pm🅱 Tête d’Or 2
3rd Workshop on Linked Data & Distributed Ledgers1:40pm-5:00pm🆃 Rhône 4
9th International Workshop on Modeling Social Media (MSM 2018): Applying Machine…1:40pm-5:00pm🅱 Prestige Gratte-Ciel
Augmenting Intelligence with Humans-in-the-Loop9:00am-5:00pm🅱 Salon Tête d’Or
Data Management Platforms for Digital Advertising1:40pm-5:00pm🆃 Salon Roseraie 2
Digital-Health 2018 I9:00am-5:00pm🅱 Gratte-Ciel 3
Digital-Health 2018 II9:00am-5:00pm🅱 Tête d’Or 1
Eighth International Workshop on Location and the Web9:00am-5:00pm🆃 St Clair 2
Knowledge Graph Completion9:00am-12:20pm🆃 Auditorium Pasteur
Mining Attributed Networks Tutorial9:00am-12:20pm🅱 Tête d’Or 2
Online Evaluation for Effective Web Service Development9:00am-5:00pm🆃 St Clair 4
Online Social Networks and Media: Network Properties and Dynamics9:00am-5:00pm🆃 Rhône 3B
PROFILES & Data Search: International Workshop on Profiling and Searching…9:00am-5:00pm🅱 Bellecour 3
Re-Coding Black Mirror9:00am-5:00pm🅱 Bellecour 1
Reasoning on Data9:00am-5:00pm🆃 St Clair 3B
Representation Learning on Networks1:40pm-5:00pm🆃 Auditorium Pasteur
Researcher Centric Scholarly Communication9:00am-12:20pm🅱 Bellecour 2
Scalable Construction and Querying of Massive Knowledge Bases9:00am-5:00pm🆃 St Clair 3A
Second Women in Data Science (WinDS) Workshop1:40pm-5:00pm🆃 Rhône 1
The BIG Web V9:00am-10:20am🆃 Rhône 3A
The BIG Web VI11:00am-12:20pm🆃 Rhône 3A
The BIG Web VII1:40pm-3:00pm🆃 Rhône 3A
The BIG Web VIII3:40pm-5:00pm🆃 Rhône 3A
The Third International Workshop on Cybersafety, Online Harassment, and…9:00am-12:20pm🆃 Rhône 4
Third International Workshop on Learning Representations for Big Networks…9:00am-5:00pm🆃 St Clair 1
Understanding & Inferring User Tasks and Needs9:00am-12:20pm🅱 Prestige Gratte-Ciel
W3C – Tutorials II9:00am-12:20pm🆃 Salon Roseraie 2
W3C – Tutorials III1:40pm-5:00pm🆃 Salon Roseraie 1
Web Stream Processing9:00am-12:20pm🆃 Rhône 1
Web Tracking Technologies and Protection Mechanisms1:40pm-5:00pm🅱 Bellecour 2
Wiki Workshop9:00am-5:00pm🆃 Rhône 2