Research Tracks

The Web Conference is one of the most impactful conferences in Computer Science.

The main technical program of this edition will have 11 research tracks. We invite submissions of cutting-edge, exciting, new breakthrough work to the most relevant Area. The proceedings of The Web Conf are published online (open access) and through ACM Digital Library.

Papers must be submitted in PDF according to the new ACM format published in ACM guidelines (, selecting the generic “sigconf” sample. Submissions should not exceed nine pages including any diagrams or appendices, plus unlimited page of references. The PDF files must have all non-standard fonts embedded. Submissions must be self-contained and in English. Submissions that do not follow these guidelines, or do not view or print properly, may be rejected without review.

PDF files must be double-blind, that is the submitted document should not include author information and should not include citations or discussion of related work that would make the authorship apparent. You can enable the double-blind mode in the new ACM format by adding the “anonymous” option (e.g., \documentclass[sigconf, anonymous, review]{acmart}). Note however, that it is acceptable to explicitly refer in the paper to the companies or organizations that provided datasets, hosted experiments or deployed solutions. In order words, instead of stating for instance that an experiment “was conducted on the logs of a major search engine”, the authors should refer to the search engine by name. The reviewers will be informed that it does not necessarily imply that the authors are currently affiliated with the mentioned organization.

Submissions must represent new and original work. Concurrent submissions are not allowed. Papers that have been published in or accepted to any peer-reviewed journal or conference/workshop with published proceedings, are currently under review, or will be submitted to other meetings or publications while under review may not be submitted. However, submissions that are available online and/or have been previously presented orally or as posters in venues with no formal proceedings, are allowed. Note that if available online (e.g., via arXiv) and not anonymous, their titles and abstract must be sufficiently different from the conference submission in order to limit the risk that a direct search break the double blind reviewing requirement. Additionally, the ACM has a strict policy against plagiarism and self-plagiarism ( All prior work must be appropriately cited.

See also the guideline information on main CFP page.

The individual CFPs for research tracks listed below are now available.

List of research tracks:

Technical Program Chairs:

  • Mounia Lalmas (Spotify, UK)
  • Panos Ipeirotis (New York University, US)

Contact: programchairs (at)

Important dates:

  • Research tracks abstracts submission deadline : 26 October 2017
  • Research tracks full papers submission deadline : 31 October 2017
  • Research tracks acceptance notification : 22 December 2017
  • Research tracks papers final version due : 18 February 2018

All submission deadlines are at 9:00pm HAST.

See copyright note and conflict of interest policy on main CFP page