Digital Health

The 8th International Digital Health Conference is colocated with TheWebConf 2018 from 23th to 26th April 2018 in Lyon, France.

Conference Aim

Recent technological advances enabled by creation of real-time big data streams, social media, participatory and context-aware systems and infectious disease modelling are the focus of public health informatics with the aim to achieve an integration with existing surveillance services.

Conference Tracks

  • Crowdsourcing and participatory surveillance
  • Web 2.0, online medical/patient communities of practice and persuasive technology
  • Smart Health and intelligent ubiquitous technologies for health and wellbeing
  • Social Computing for Health
  • Tracking/wearable and mobile technology
  • Personalisation and profiling, recommender systems for health
  • mhealth for global health in low and middle income settings
  • Citizens Science for Health
  • Digital Prevention and Interventions and behaviour changing digital intervention
  • Semantic Web, Knowledge Management/Extraction, Web Science and Health
  • E-learning, training and serious games for health
  • Industry and Startup Track
  • PhD Track


Submission types to be published in the ACM DH 2018 proceedings and to be presented orally at the conference (all page limits are final, including the abstract, references, and appendices):

  1. Long research papers: up to 10 pages;
  2. Short research papers: up to 5 pages;
  3. Abstracts from health professionals: up to 2 pages . Medical abstracts may follow the medical paper structure (background, aims, methods, results, conclusions), but this is not essential;
  4. Progress reports from PhD students: up to 2 pages, having at least one result from the ongoing work (not merely a research proposal). We note that PhD students may also submit long and/or short papers.

Extensions of accepted submissions will have the opportunity to be submitted to the Frontiers in Digital Health Research Topic (Special Issue) after the conference. We particularly encourage health professionals to consider this opportunity.

Long research papers, short research papers, abstracts from health professionals, and progress reports from PhD students, if not accepted as such, may be recommended for poster presentation.

Previous work: any paper of 4 pages or more that has been accepted for a journal or conference after peer reviewing, constitutes previous work which will be considered with respect to possible self-plagiarism, and in judging the novelty and relevance of a contribution.

Digital Health Chair:

  • Patty Kostkova (University College London, United Kingdom)

Important dates:

  • Digital Health submission deadline : 29 January 2018
  • Digital Health Acceptance notification : 19 February 2018
  • Digital Health papers final version due : 01 March 2018

All submission deadlines are at 9:00pm HAST.